Welcome to Myodesign - The Mission

Welcome to Myodesign - The Mission

January 31, 2011 0 Comments

The Newly Rebuilt Myodesign.com

The Mission

I am a dedicated coach, trainer and tireless researcher.  My mission is to help clients rebuild their lives by improving their strength and wellness.  I strive to establish a more cohesive relationship between body, mind and the space in which they live; an approach that results in the rebirth of their vitality.

I achieve this by offering my own style of education in the fields of strength and wellness training, including an all-important focus on nutrition. The strategic design and application of training, wellness and nutrition principles through integrative coaching are essential to this process.  I have been working with clients in this manner for two decades.  This is my life’s work.

The purpose of this website is to offer my experience and observations.  Here, research-based information and proprietary ideas bring clarity to the areas of human fitness and mind-body interactions.

Progress in science and technology on just about every measurable level has enabled people in the developed world to live longer and more prosperous lives, however I have observed a gradual decline in the more nuanced, yet vital aspects of human health and wellbeing.  This need not be.

Optimal fitness and vibrant health can coexist within the constraints of modern society.  The information and methods necessary to achieve this state of equilibrium should be available to everyone.  The information is exciting, the methods elegant and their application rewarding.

This website will evolve into a resource for the curious: a think-tank of sorts for the initiated, and a proving ground for ideas, theories and methodology.  Constructive dialog is the goal and my function is to serve as your catalyst for positive change.

It is my hope that visitors to Myodesign.com find the information contained herein thought provoking.  It will be a space in which people with similar interests can come to discuss their fitness concerns. I hope to help individuals reestablish their own agency in the domain of their personal strength and wellness; a call to action, if you will.

We are entering a critical time where alienation from the body is stronger than ever; serving to sever ourself from the sentient experience of life, the source of our vitality, and create a chasm between us and our environment. 

Responsible physical stewardship of our bodies is a precondition for happiness.  A bold statement, I know and I am here to help.

Yours in good health,

Colin Campbell (Coach C)

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