The 2013 OTC Program

The 2013 OTC Program

April 25, 2013 1 Comments

The Executive Summary

The 2013 OTC Program is a 2-Month-Long, Results-Focused Program that leverages the power of Callisthenics, Metabolic Conditioning, Social Accountability, and Group Dynamics.  A Structured, Focused, and Progressive Group Training Program conducted outdoors!

You will be guided and coached by Colin Campbell, with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of Strength, Conditioning, Nutrition and Wellness promotion.  Each session will be conducted in a Group Training format and will also include a brief Q&A on any subject pertaining to training and nutrition to help optimise your experience.

Registration is now CLOSED

Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 PM

The Main Points:

  • Train outdoors, under the sun, in a Group Setting.
  • Two - Interval and “Cluster-based” Training Sessions per week - Total Body Training.
  • Full-body Workouts with an emphasis on Core Conditioning.
  • Training session resources available online and downloadable, 24/7.
  • Private support forum with guaranteed responses.
  • Fun, Challenging, Professionally-Designed Training Sessions.

The Goals Are:

  • A Lean, Strong, Conditioned Body
  • Massive Energetic Exchange with your Training Partners
  • Renewed sense of Vigour and Vitality

Who it’s For

  • Men and Women, age 20-50.
  • You have some body fat you would like to lose.
  • You want to get out of the gym.
  • You want expert instruction in a challenging and supportive environment.
  • You are looking to get leaner, stronger, and in fighting-fit condition.

Five Major Areas will be addressed during Training:

  • Mobility and Dynamic Flexibility.
  • Core Control and Conditioning.
  • Strength and Stamina.
  • Interval and Cluster Training.
  • Hill Sprinting and Running.

Training Session Breakdown

  • Dynamic Warm-up - 5-10 minutes
  • Calisthenic Skills and Drills - 5 minutes
  • Strength and Energy System Clusters - 35-40 minutes
  • Recovery - 5-10 minutes
  • Total Training Time - 60 minutes

Why Train as a Group?

  • Higher energetic exchange
  • Social support and greater accountability - you will train with greater focus, drive, and consistency.
  • Fall together and rise together - The Group will pick you up when you need it.
  • You will feel incredible! Guaranteed!

Why is Interval or “Cluster” Training Superior?

  • Improved Metabolic Rate: Interval or “Cluster” Training will elevate metabolic rate for up to 48-hours post-training
  • Improved Relative and Endurance Strength: Build lean tissue, further enhancing the Metabolic Effect
  • Improved Core and Spinal stability:  Core training is addressed in every training session.
  • Improved Cardiovascular Conditioning: Dramatically increase capacity in record time.
  • Smart and Efficient Training: Preserve joint integrity and challenge the body’s adaptive mechanisms.
  • Training Stimulus constantly changes: Train in multiple movement planes, in different repetition brackets and at varying intensities.

The Hill - The Best Running Coach You Can Ask For

Run the Hill
Riverdale Park East is home to one of the greatest training tools in Toronto, a 100-meter-long grass covered hill.

  • The Hill demands proper knee drive and hip extension.
  • The Hill encourages proper recruitment of the glutes and hamstrings.
  • The Hill forces the spinal extensors and core muscles to stabilize you.
  • The Hill is scalable, low-impact, and ultimately challenging.  Sprint, Run, Jog or Walk at your own pace.


The Park

When and Where?

  • Running through June and July 2013 - Two Days per Week
  • Start Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1800h sharp

  • Location: Toronto’s Riverdale East Park
  • A third month (August) may be added based on client progress and interest

What is the Cost?

  • 4 session package: $100.00 CAD + HST
  • 1 month of Unlimited Sessions: $160.00 CAD + HST
  • 2 months of Unlimited Sessions: $300.00 CAD + HST

It’s a big park, where do we meet?

We gather at the bottom of the hill, at exactly the mid-point of Riverdale Park East.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring 1-1.5 Litres of Water - this is critical - and a small towel, if you wish.  An abundance of Energy!

How fit do I need to be to train?

You will be under the guidance of an experienced Coach who will be guiding you through the training sessions. All exercises can be scaled and modified accordingly. You must be free of any major orthopaedic concerns. Lastly, you must also not be pregnant.

What if I am entirely new to this?

Contact me directly, and I will run you through the basic movement patterns that will be involved throughout the duration of the Group Training Program.

How will I know if it is Rained-Out?

Subscribe to and Stay informed via my Twitter Feed
Rain Policy: All training sessions will proceed unless lightening and thunder are in effect!

Join the OTC Program - Make the Commitment!

Registration is NOW open

Select your Package from the drop-down

Myodesign Integrative Consulting uses certified PayPal Integration for the processing of all online payments.  You can rest assured that your information and payment details are fully encrypted, insured and secure!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are dissatisfied for any reason, Myodesign Integrative Consulting will refund your payment upon request. However, your Coach would certainly appreciate an email explaining the nature of your dissatisfaction; i.e. We hope you have a compelling reason for discontinuing your training!

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  1. The Philosopher July 13, 2011

    Perhaps the best total body conditioning I’ve done in a long time!

    Hill Sprints are the perfect way to jump-start a sluggish metabolism.

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